Make Your Love Last Forever

Posted by Janhavi Sawant

Some love stories never end! They live on in memories and stories around you. Love stories make for legends – be it Romeo or Juliet or our very own Heer-Ranjha. Every once in a while, life gives you a miracle in the form of a soul-mate and if you find him/her – you know that you have found eternity. However, relationships like everything else in our life must be worked upon to ensure a lifetime of happiness and love.

Here are a few tips, we at Taraash, have put together after a very fun research with the most amazing couples:

  1. Always say Thank You

Always remember to be grateful for what your love has done for you. If someone has taken the time out think of you, plan something and just be nice to you – remember to always say thank you with all your heart.

  1. Appreciate your Love

If you think he’s looking good today, say it. If you think her hair is just a little more bouncy today, then don’t forget to compliment her. The only rule to remember is to be genuine with your compliments.

  1. Travel with him/her

The best way to discover your soul-mate is to travel with them. You’ll know their quirks, their interests, what excites them, what bores them and so much more! Nothing bonds a couple more that travel.

  1. Surprise ‘Em

Surprise your love with beautiful silver jewellery gifts. You don’t have to go over-budget with your gifts. Think what he/she will love and gift them a forever. Think of gifts that will last beyond just a few days. Each gift is a memory and adorning a memory is always the best form of gift!

  1. Choose Happiness

Remember to always choose what makes the two of you happy. Do things together and always be there for each other.