Take care of silver; it’s totally worth it!

Posted by Janhavi Sawant

Most of the silver you find in the market is called ‘sterling silver. Sterling silver is very durable and it can be crafted and styled into beautiful jewellery pieces.

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Pure sterling silver jewellery has a tendency to tarnish especially when it's not worn and may leave some stains on your body. But, relax there’s nothing to worry now, as you are reading this informative blog…You love your silver jewellery, then surely—you will take care for it. Ensuring proper care of your jewellery not only enhances its life and sheen, but also enables you to enjoy it for years to come.

Tarnishing does not mean that your sterling silver is not pure but it’s the vice-versa. Make your tarnished and dull silver jewelry shine with these common household items.

  1. Polish silver with a jewellery polishing cloth for best results. Use of tissue or paper towels can cause scratches on the jewellery, hence should be avoided.
  2. Hand sanitizer not only fights germs, but it's a great silver polish. Squirt a few drops on a soft cloth and rub away the tarnish.
  3. Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on a rag and polish your silver. Then rinse—and see how it shines!
  4. Warm water with alcohol-free mild soap can also be used to clean you jewellery. However I recommend this as a last resort.
  5. Silver jewellery will stay shiny if you keep a few pieces of chalk in the drawer or chest where you store it. The chalk absorbs moisture, preventing it from tarnishing.
  6. As rightly said ‘prevention is better than cure’; to maintain the luster of your jewellery, place it in zip-lock poly-bags before putting them into a container to prevent it from oxidation or tarnishing.

Take care of your silver jewellery with these handy tips and tricks, all you silver lovers.